Acceptance of the way things are in your life.

Make realistic game plans to maximize your abilities. Focus on the positive parts and acknowledge the negative but let negativity go as soon as possible.

Develop healthy self-esteem

Take care of yourself and others, understanding the difference between self-esteem and selfishness. Provide for others without losing yourself by conscious noticing.

Evaluate feelings

Feelings can be guides to help us figure out the direction we want to go in.

Support for down times

Develop tools to use when you are feeling bad.

What makes you tick?

Process your past because the past lives in the present; put things in perspective, decide what to accept and what to reject.

Couples Counseling

Get angry appropriately.

There's a way to express anger that's right for you – not too much or too little.

Couples Counseling

Set up personal boundaries that protect yourself and others so each can live fully in the space created by the boundaries.

Comfort yourself experiment to see what works for you

Don't deliberately scare yourself.

Use terms of endearment whenever possible

Say sweet appreciations to those you love; real things, nothing phony. Practice feeling the happiness that some people engender in you and verbalizing your appreciation of it.

Let's figure it out together

Envision the future as you wish it to be

Move towards your vision with giant steps or baby steps, whatever feels right to you. Daydream, anticipate, move towards your goals as much as you can.

Concentrate on gratitude

What we focus on gets our attention and energy so acknowledge what creates happiness; verbalize gratitude every day.

Jean Hebert-Brown

Are you ready

Hello, my name is Jeanie Hebert-Brown. I always wanted to be a therapist, and 50 years later I am still happy every day that this is my life's work. My goal is to help the people I work with find happiness, self-acceptance and continued energy to work on their concerns. I believe that if someone continues to make efforts towards his or her issues, eventually they will be solved. This has been true in my own life where I am happy, even though I have had, and continue to have, adversities.

Why Me

  • Caring
  • Love
  • Safe
  • Results

My philosophy

My philosophy is eclectic, pragmatic and what I do or suggest is based on what I have learned and what has worked with others in the past. I have a loving stance, nonjudgmental and caring. I endeavor to be scrupulously ethical and try to be careful that there is a purpose to whatever I share with anyone.

"Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves'" Rilke


If you are in a crisis, it is important to take care of yourself by getting the support you need.  You certainly can call me and I will do whatever I can to help you resolve the crisis.  But sometimes I'm not available and you have to leave a message. In that case, consider calling 911 or the crisis hotline at 888 724-7240