Jean Herbet-Brown 1000x563Hello, my name is Jeanie Hebert-Brown. Since 1970 l have been a counselor, this has been my calling.

I was born in Vallejo, California and raised in Detroit, Michigan. In 1966, I graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelors of Arts in American Studies. In 1979, I received my Masters of Social Work from San Diego State University.  I have been happily involved in many aspects of social work throughout my career including: adoptions, therapeutic groups, supervision and workshops, inpatient services, conservatorships, relationship improvement, issues of sexuality, death and grieving, coping with chronic illness, Federal felonies, problems of aging, personal growth, family of origin issues, parenting,  addictions of all sorts, anxiety and depression.

In 1986 I  started my private practice seeing individuals and couples. Being with people as a witness to his or her desire to improve his or her life, suggesting tools to use or alternative attitudes to consider, asking clarifying questions, deeply caring that each person finds all the happiness that is his or her due; this is what I try to do in our time together.

About Me

20160203_091152I was raised in Michigan, attended George Washington University, then went to Harvard Divinity School for two years.  I wanted to be a psychotherapist, but in those days there was very little career guidance for women and I was unsure of the process.  I became a social worker and read voraciously about therapeutic techniques.  When the Community Mental Health centers started, I talked my way into a job there and, at the age of 25, began practicing psychotherapy.

I am a patient person, loving, caring, supportive, and thoughtful.  I use whatever ideas seem appropriate to help someone work through his or her concerns.  Often the people I work with report improvement in their lives.  Even after all this time, every night I am grateful that tomorrow I get to be someone's therapist.

In my own life I have been divorced, learned a lot from this experience, went to therapy and resolved some thorny family of origin problems.  Moving to California, I  remarried 32 years ago and we have one son who is successfully launched.  Eight years ago I began developing signs of Parkinson's disease, and I cope with that as best I can.  I'm generally happy in my life and have a lot of fun.