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A Pop-Up Book

I bought myself a pop-up book of The Little Prince.  I don't have grandchildren or any child to read to, just my Inner Child who loves pop-up paper art and wanted to read The Little Prince again.  I read it once in French class, in junior high school, and that was a struggle with no…
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Learning French

I started French in the seventh grade.  That summer I had listened to the opera Carmen and I happily thought I'd be able to understand it when the year was over.  Little did I know.  After eight years of French I could comprehend some words and phrases but understanding the whole opera eluded me. Sometimes…
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Bucket List

I never had a bucket list.  I'd like to think it is because I do things whenever I think of doing them.  Actually, I think it's a combination of things; being easy-going, not being a risk taker, not having a travel bug. But now that I'm older, I think writing a bucket list throughout life…
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