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Our dog loved her crate for five years.  When we brought her home from the pound, we gave her a crate and this became her safe den and each night she freely went to sleep there and we'd lock her in so someone could supervise her morning outing.  For five years this went along just…
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I am an Opera junkie. I love live Opera and also the simulcast Opera shown in movie theaters.  Most of my life I didn't like Opera, but my brother got comp tickets for the San Diego Opera final dress rehearsal and wanted a companion, so I went.  I didn't really enjoy it much at first,…
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A Wagon

Do I need a wagon? I like to do the laundry – it's something I can do to take care of us but I can't carry laundry baskets so I kick them down the hallway.  I decided to buy myself a cloth wagon thinking that would be better. I haven't used it yet because I…
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What I have learned so far

Here is my advice.  Work on your self-esteem; if you feel self-doubt and unhappiness, figure out why.  Get to know yourself, what you like and what you do to take care of yourself.  In this process, figure out what you believe in and want to stand for, these values become part of your essential self.…
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