I am an Opera junkie. I love live Opera and also the simulcast Opera shown in movie theaters.  Most of my life I didn't like Opera, but my brother got comp tickets for the San Diego Opera final dress rehearsal and wanted a companion, so I went.  I didn't really enjoy it much at first, but the staging was interesting, so I went a number of times.  One night at the final rehearsal of Bizet's The Pearl Fishers, there is a tenor duet and as I listened, the Opera tumblers in my brain fell into place and I heard Opera as if for the first time.  I was changed forever, an Opera junkie was born.

That's often how things work – we have to be exposed to something a number of times before we get it, before our brains comprehend.  That's an exciting occurrence and shows us that we better be careful what we expose ourselves to.

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