What I have learned so far

Here is my advice.  Work on your self-esteem; if you feel self-doubt and unhappiness, figure out why.  Get to know yourself, what you like and what you do to take care of yourself.  In this process, figure out what you believe in and want to stand for, these values become part of your essential self.  Give love every chance you get: my personal mantra is, "be with a loving heart."  I believe that is all that is required of me.

Know you have a birthright to follow your dreams – which basically is achieved by bumbling forward until you figure them out and then allow them to change over time.  Daydream, fantasize, visualize your dreams and goals.  The process of getting there is as enjoyable as arriving.  And lastly remember, you can never waste money buying books or good groceries.

My hope for you and me is that when death comes for us, we have been fully aliv.e

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