For over 40 years I have been a practicing psychiatric social worker and every day I am happy and honored to be someone's therapist.  I endeavor to be patient, loving, caring, supportive, intelligent and thoughtful in my work.  I use whatever ideas seem appropriate to help someone work through his or her concerns.   I am not dogmatic about any recovery tool and I want people to know what his or her choices are.  I try to help someone determine his or her most beneficial course of action, help him or her set reasonable goals and move towards their attainment.  I am patient and hope to ask the right questions and create a space where someone feels safe and cared for in a way that will let him or her figure out his or her best course of action.

Usually, people I work with report improvement in their lives.  Some people feel very comfortable with me and are able to utilize the time we spent together in a positive way.  We develop a bond and I hope they feel my admiration and deep intention to help him or her find happiness and contentment.

I have two offices, one in Mission Valley and one in South Park.  I generally prefer to work in my South Park office.

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