"Jeanie has the most amazing gift of seeing people with positive regard no matter what they do!! She can always find a positive intention in their actions…….She has helped me turn around a negative opinion so many times. Of course, her
positive regard for us as clients is such a wonderful, nourishing and helpful feeling!! She is one of the most special people on this planet!!!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! "

"You have shown us how love can help cure and mend any broken spirit or trust. It might take a day or two for your complete wisdom to sink in after a meeting, but we always learn something and try to implement what we have discussed in session. Getting over bad habits is difficult to do and when I reflect on how we were prior to coming to your office, I can see the huge improvements we both have made, thanks to your ability to show us how to think with our head and feel with our hearts. It's so easy to do the reverse especially when in conflict, but keeping both apart does help to see a clearer future."

"Personally, with all my many years of therapy, I have never met anyone who has your style, insight, understanding or compassion…. Your maternal mannerisms and calm, quiet and relaxed atmosphere made it easier."

"We sit in your office every Friday trying to work out a problem or solve the situation, and despite what happens during that hour, we always walk out a little brighter, smarter, and with more understanding of the other person than when we first walked in. You have helped to guide us through many tough situations, help us understand how the other person is feeling and thinking, and shown us ways to resolve matters on our own. For all of that, and many other things, we are so grateful and appreciate your being in our lives."