"Ms. Brown is professional and extremely caring. Her work with those chemically dependent individuals, in conjunction with the other treatment they may also have been receiving, has been very successful. She is an excellent treatment provider."

"In my dream there are caring and compassionate people to help bring in an end to the living hell and nightmares. They give me hope with their light and I am touched deeply by the beauty of their spirit. I know true joy, happiness and fulfillment. There is still great beauty in the world for healing. Thank you for being part of that dream for me."

"You are a wonderful, giving person and it must give you so much pleasure to be able to touch people's lives and assist in their healing process. I know that I am blessed to be able to do this in my work. So, as opportunities arise, I will send people your way."

"Just being you, all that you give professionally… There is so much love and goodness. I alone love you for all you have given me. You are thought of often throughout my days."